In a real estate transaction, the deed serves to transfer ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. Some people choose to write their own deeds. While this may sound simple, it is imperative that the deed is completely accurate. If your deed isn’t properly prepared, you could face financial and legal consequences.

Fortunately, when you need a deed reviewed in Wilmington, NC, Moree Law is here for you. As a real estate attorney with extensive experience preparing deeds, we also have significant expertise in facilitating the real estate closing process in general. Brad Moree can review your deeds to ensure that they are properly prepared and contain all the necessary information.

How Our Process Works:

First, our client decides to use your law firm to prepare their seller documents. From there, we email the client requesting all the necessary information that we need. All the necessary information must be filled out at this time, as we cannot move forward in the process without it. From there, we pull information from a variety of public sources, like the register of deeds and tax sites. It’s at this time that we also confirm that the address of the deed matches the legal description on the deed. Finally, we prepare your documents with a very quick turnaround time of just a few days.

We can represent you as a seller no matter where your property is located in the state of North Carolina.

Basic Deed Types

A quitclaim deed is used to transfer ownership interest that a person has in a property, without a guarantee of the extent of this interest. They are commonly used in two scenarios. In the first, if a couple is divorcing, one party will sign all of their real estate rights to the other. In another scenario, they are also used if the title search performed by your real estate lawyer reveals that someone else may have a claim on the property, such as a previous owner or their heir. In this case, the person can transfer any leftover interest by signing a quitclaim deed.

A warranty deed both transfers ownership and promises outright that the property is free of liens or other ownership claims. It guarantees that if this is wrong, the seller will compensate the buyer.

Deed Prep Can Be Difficult

Deeds require following a very specific set of guidelines and instructions, and attempting to do so yourself can be stressful. Brad Moree has been serving the local community for years, starting off as a broker before making a successful transition into the field of real estate law. Having Brad review your deed will ensure that it was prepared correctly and is ready to be submitted. Putting the duty of deed preparation in our hands allows you the peace of mind in knowing that your document will be in the hands of an experienced professional.

Deeds Must Be Flawless

When it comes to deed preparation, remember that a deed is a legal document that must be free of errors of any kind. The deed must be prepared accurately, properly and all terms must be stated clearly. Failing to do so can cause you problems in the future, as a document that is ambiguous can easily be a cause of confusion.

With this in mind, having the professionals at Moree Law review your deed for you, you’ll be working with a firm that has years of experience in doing so. Letting Moree Law review your deed will ensure that you will not only be getting a document that’s been reviewed by professionals, you’ll also get a document that’s correct the first time around. Contact us today for all your Wilmington deed preparation review needs.


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