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Crafting your legacy

Whether starting a new family, ensuring your loved ones are well cared for, or protecting your personal or business assets to pass to the next generation, trust that Moree Law will help you craft a plan to meet your specific needs and goals. We pride ourselves in our team approach with your CPA and financial advisors that allows us to ensure that whether your planning needs are simple or complex, every client can will have a plan specifically crafted to them. We value the relationships we build with our clients and their families, so our work for you does not end with the signing of a will or trust. We will continue to be there for you and your loved ones through any of life’s changes.

Bring in your current will
or trust so we can give you a free review

10-minute consult call

The purpose of this call is to figure out if we can help you to accomplish your goals. There is no fee or obligation to hire us. If we are unable to help you, we will do our best to recommend you to someone who might be able to assist you.

For legal advice, please schedule a  Strategy and Planning Session. A 10-Minute Consult Call must be conducted first so that we can be sure we are the right choice for you! 

*No Legal Advice will be given during the 10-minute consult.

strategy and planning session

Wealth is not just money. It certainly includes your financial assets, but it will also include your intellectual and spiritual assets that you pass on to those you love most.

This is your first meeting with us. It is only the first step in our hand’s on approach to estate planning. The Strategy and Planning Session is a working meeting, which means it is not a waste of your time. Our goal is to provide you with a Legendary Experience, which means a hand’s on approach in an environment where you feel comfortable discussing what matters most. We spend 90-minutes with you and get to know you in a very meaningful way. Estate planning isn’t about being the next number on our calendar, it’s about us getting to know your goals, your family situation and your priorities.

Most estate planning lawyers take a one-size-fits-all approach. That isn’t helpful because everyone and every family is different.

No two are alike.

During your Strategy and Planning Session, we will:

1. Review many aspects of your life and explain why finances,  intellectual and even, believe it or not, spiritual assets should play a role in your planning

2. Talk through what would happen to your loved ones with your existing plan

4. Discuss the options available to get the results you want

5. Make recommendations for achieving your goals.

Once you are comfortable with the choices you’ve made, we will design your plan together, that day. After this 90-minute meeting, there is no obligation to hire us. Honestly, this will be one of the best experiences you have all year.

$150 is all it takes to schedule the best 90-minute planning session you’ve ever had with a lawyer! So let’s get started! 

Please Note: The Strategy and Planning Session is of great value to you and your loved ones, and we have very limited slots for the sessions each month. In order to book your Strategy and Planning Session, we require that you reserve your appointment with a credit card. Your card will be charged now, but you may reschedule your appointment if necessary- we understand that life happens. 


signing conference

We will meet together at our office where we will go over the prepared and fully customized draft documents. We will explain each document that make up your plan, and if needed, will also edit the drafts to ensure that the documents are tailored to your goals and priorities.


Once you are satisfied with your understanding, we will walk through the documents in summary once more. After signing your estate plan, we will make copies for you to distribute to loved ones and set up a time within the next week for you to pick up your completed original documents and bound copies.


We try to cover all scenarios when creating your legacy, but each plan should be revisited every 5 years or so in order to evaluate them against your ever-changing life circumstances. We take a relational approach with clients instead of a transactional one, and we will be here for you to answer any questions you might have about your completed plan. We would be happy to make edits to your plan as your needs change.

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